Strengthening WASH and IPC measures to contain COVID-19 in Schools and Anganwadi centers

Purnea District - Kaynagar, Banmankhi, Jalalagarh Sitamarhi- Suppi, Nanpur, Dumra,Parihar, Sursand, Bathnaha, Choraut, Parsauni, Sonbarsa, Runni Saidpur, Bokhra and Bargania
The project aims to facilitate the safe reopening of schools through enhanced capacities of teachers and associated stakeholders. It also focuses on improving the WASH amenities in schools and 27 Anganwadi through the supply of WASH kits comprising Steel drums for stored drinking water, sets of dry and wet dustbins for disposal of solid and liquid waste management, Toilet soaps, and portable handwashing stations in Anganwadi’s. The project reaches out to 155 schools and 200 Anganwadi spread across three Blocks in Purnea and 13 Blocks in Sitamarhi Districts. The project envisages facilitation in HWS construction in 155 schools, training of teachers, and education functionaries on safe reopening of schools and orientation of children on COVID Appropriate behaviors. Safe school protocols in the intervention school is to be streamlined with children following CAB in schools. Sanitization of school premises is to tab taken up so that schools practice this as an important measure at frequent interval. The project incorporates a display of SBCC materials in schools in the form of a Wall waiting on CAB and Handwashing with soap. Besides, the celebration of important days like Global Handwashing Day, World Toilet Day, and Swachhata Pakhwada campaign would de be done in intervention schools towards bringing behavioral change among the children The key objective of the project is to ensure the safe school reopening of schools and Anganwadi through enhanced capacities of teachers, improved COVID- 19 Infection Prevention and Control measures in schools and supply of WASH kits.

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