The Campaign

It’s Possible is a campaign for gender equality that aims at bringing about attitudinal change among people. The driving force behind the campaign is the idea that it’s possible to break gender stereotypes and envisage a society in which all people, regardless of their sex, gender and sexuality have equal rights. While there are laws to deal with complaints of gender violence, we strive to create an environment in which we are able to prevent gender discrimination and violence of any kind. This can be achieved by advocating for gender equality and redefining notions of masculinity.

The campaign works on changing the perceived ‘masculine’ attitudes and behavior around the following five key themes:



Freedom of choice

Division of labour at home


Break The Mould

Break The Mould campaign focuses on normalising equitable gender relations not as an exception for few men but rather as a norm. Toxic masculinity and patriarchy not only lead to discrimination and violence against women but also adversely affect young men and boys. The campaign aims to reinforce a positive message catered to young men and boys on how patriarchy and its deep-rooted vestiges in modern life are also having an impact on them and how they can Break The Mould and be the new norm.

Change the world

Join us to be part of this unique journey to make this world a fairer and gender-equitable society! Let’s begin changing the world one step at a time because we believe…


Be the Change
Be the Change Maker

This campaign spearheads the drive to break gender stereotypes and perceived notions around gender specific roles in a holistic manner around five key themes

  • Language
  • Honour
  • Freedom of choice
  • Division of labour at home
  • Parenting