Established in 2005, PHIA Foundation is Registered as a Public Charitable Trust that works to tackle poverty across India. Our team, partners and networks strive to use their knowledge and expertise in sustainable development to empower communities, challenge discrimination and end poverty in India’s poorest and most marginalized communities.

PHIA Foundation believes in promoting equality, dignity and social justice so that everyone regardless of gender, caste, class, ethnicity, religion, colour, culture and physical abilities can live a life free from poverty, exclusion and discrimination.

Governance & Accountability

Partnering Hope into Action (PHIA) Foundation was registered in Delhi in 2005 as a Public Charitable Trust. It complies with the Red Cross Code of Conduct and adheres to the Sphere Project’s Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards for Accountability and Quality Management in emergency work.

PHIA board review the progress of various activities and programmes implemented on the ground, approval of the programme and financial statement of accounts. It also oversees the compliance of the organisation as per the law.




Dr. Belinda Bennet,

Managing Trustee of PHIA Foundation

Message from our Managing Trustee

It is said that the only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment! PHIA Foundation has always been committed to and believed in a society free from poverty, exclusion and discrimination where all people live with justice, peace and dignity. In our strive to realize this dream, through various programmes PHIA has reached out to over 4.0 million individuals in some of the most remote areas of India. PHIA’s work is expanding and is touching lives of various individuals across multiple states. Education, governance, gender equality, empowerment through technology, digital livelihoods and health and nutrition are emerging to be the priority areas in which PHIA has partnered with multiple stakeholders to reach out to some of the most marginalised communities and areas. I have witnessed some of the inspiring and transformational work PHIA has been doing along with its partners and it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to realise that PHIA’s work is helping communities to thrive despite adversities.

I would like to thank our board members, civil society partners, social activists community leaders, private sector partners, philanthropy institutions and the government officials, who gave their best and joined hands in our mission to see a world free of poverty and discrimination. As PHIA continues and builds on its journey, I invite you to join us in our endeavour to expose the scandal of poverty. Share your talents and expertise by volunteering with us. We aspire to inspire you to join and support us in our mission to find solutions to poverty and moving towards a just world.

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