Strengthening the components of Local Democracy to improve health outcomes for poor and vulnerable in selected blocks in selected districts of Jharkhand

Khunti, Gumla, Dumri, Simdega, West Singhbhum - Jharkhand
The project builds on the past work done in the first phase of intervention from December 2017 to November 2020 and also the work done under Jharkhand Integrated Development of Health and Nutrition (JIDHAN). The project aims to strengthen the components of local democracy by facilitating an inclusive approach for the vulnerable and marginalized communities in 6 blocks in 4 districts of Jharkhand so that they could be a part of the development agenda for themselves and influence health outcomes. The process includes making the community aware of their rights, roles, and responsibilities, nurturing community leadership, and holding local representatives and service providers accountable and responsive. It is envisaged that the initiative would lead to the inclusive implementation of the development programs and accountable local governance and strengthening of health service delivery and addressing welfare gaps. This intervention aims to:
  • To improve awareness and understanding of the community on local governance, PESA, effective functioning of PRIs, and Public Health services and entitlements.
  • To strengthen the functioning of Gram Panchayats by bringing transparency and accountability for improving service delivery.
  • To enable Gram Sabhas to function as an institution of self-governance, facilitating integrated planning and ensuring health services and entitlements.

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