Empowering Young People to Challenge and Change Gendered Ideas and Actions – It’s Possible Campaign (on reimagining masculinity)

Delhi, Bhopal, Ranchi, and Lucknow
It’s Possible (on reimagining masculinity) is a campaign that dared to go beyond the preconceived notions around masculinity and reimagine it. The campaign was formally launched on 17th March 2017 and is six year of successful implementation soon. The campaign continuously engages to build a fairer and gender equitable society focusing on different aspects of masculinity and sensitising youth around it. Over the years the campaign has successfully reached to 2000+ youths through through online and offline means and 3,50,000 people through social media engagement.
The campaign aims at challenging and changing popular and perceived ideas emerging from a patriarchal mindset and notions of ‘power’. The campaign strongly believes in personal is political and that for change to be long term and sustained it must start with the self and focuses on initiating dialogues and reflections around the ‘self’, exploring one’s values, beliefs and actions both in the private and public sphere. The campaign is currently operating in state of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Delhi engaging with youths around the five themes of Language, Freedom of choice, Honor, Division of labour at home and Parenting. Along with engaging youths in a year long self reflective change journey as Change Makers, campaign have collaborative engagements with Acedamic institutions and youth organizations like IIFM, JLU, XISS, Amity University Lucknow, Lucknow University, Amity University Ranchi, HER Initiative & Youth Group Utthan, Barkatullah University, BSSS, IHM-Bhopal, Modern Girls College Lucknow, Pratigya, Aarambh, United Way Delhi, Sania ka radio, Agadhbodh foundation, Multi Art Association.

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