Fellowship for Strengthening and Promoting Constitutional Values

Madhya Pradesh & Jharkhand
The fellowship programme is unique and is directed towards strengthening and promoting constitutional values. The constitutional values, however, are many times in contradiction with the lived values for a large section of people in India especially for the poor and marginalized.

PHIA strongly believes that every value substantiates and strengthens the other values. The fellowship programme aims in strengthening the constitutional values in their entirety with a special focus on Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

The fellowship programme focused on various interventions within the framework of promoting constitutional values rather than a specific predetermined theme which enabled our dynamic leaders to come up with varied ideas and intervention strategies and got an opportunity to be a part of this unique opportunity.


The project envisions to strengthen and promote the constitutional values amongst various communities

Key Objectives

  • Support dynamic leaders to contribute to building the egalitarian society enshrined in the Constitution of India
  • Support individuals who are striving to uphold the constitutional values, promote and protect the rights of the poor and excluded communities
  • Contribute significantly towards bringing the debate, discussions and actions around inclusion to the forefront in the areas of work and influence of the fellows
  • Bring about positive changes at multiple levels starting from the perspective, approach and worldview of the Fellows themselves and subsequently with whom they engage during the Fellowship process
  • Creating pockets of communities, groups and geographies where constitutional values are internalized and are reflected in form of questioning established norms and practices which are in contradiction to the constitutional values
  • Concerted action towards bringing these values into lived reality. At the least the programme is going to inform, engage and initiate a thinking process among communities around strengthening these values

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