Education, Health and Hygiene for Rag-picking Communities in National Capital Region of Delhi

Ghaziabad and South East Delhi, Bhowapur and Madanpur Khadar
PHIA Foundation implemented a programme with funding support from Christian Aid-UK and Monsoon Accessorize Trust to ensure ‘Education, Health and Hygiene for Rag-Picking Communities in National Capital Region of Delhi’. This year, PHIA Foundation ran a centre where 200 children from Bhowapur and Madanpur Khadar received non-formal education or remedial tuitions and mental-health counselling to prepare for exams or return to formal schooling. Since the children hail from economically backward families that cannot afford the basics required for safe schooling, masks, sanitary pads and nutritious meals were distributed to the children to promote health and safety and encourage regular school attendance. Mobile data packs of 50 children were also recharged for two months to enable them to attend online classes. Social skills and general awareness of children were also improved with ~650 children actively participating in competitions and celebrations. Children are physically and mentally healthier, with improved BMIs and are more aware of the importance of health and education in their lives.

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