Dignified livelihood for the most marginalised communities through vegetable cultivation and bamboo-based crafts

West Champaran is one of the poorest districts of Bihar. The Nautan and Lauriya blocks of West Champaran are home to a large number of Musahar and Dom – two castes that have traditionally been forced into menial tasks and do not have opportunities for development. Discrimination against these two communities within the Dalit community, has resulted in them being deprived of the benefits other sub-castes receive.

PHIA Foundation aims to uplift Musahar and Dom communities to secure their own income, food and nutrition at household level and thereby alleviate poverty.

The project commenced in January 2021 in six villages of Nautan and Lauriya blocks of West Champaran district of Bihar. The project activities will improve people’s entrepreneurial skills in the field of vegetable production, livestock farming and bamboo handicraft making. Community members capacities will be built through training, meetings, exposure visits, sharing best practices and dialogue exchange. The project has the potential to positively transform their lives through sustainable livelihoods. In the long run, they will earn a respectable status, invest in future generations and can be integrated into mainstream society.

The project aims to:

  • Promote climate smart and climate resilient agriculture methods through organic vegetable cultivation and discourage the use of chemical based pesticides or insecticides.
  • Inclusion of women in community-based organizations (CBOs) and farmer’s interest groups and create ownership over income and other resources leading to gender equality.
  • Equal livelihood opportunities to women through livestock farming, vegetable farming and bamboo products.
  • Encourage landless Musahar, Dom & Dalit farmers (both women and men) to take a small piece of land on lease for vegetable farming purposes thus ensuring their land rights.
  • With training and appropriate market information, livestock farming can bring positive returns to the community. Frequent joint activities with Musahar, Dom & other Dalit communities will create social harmony, adding to the societal asset.


Build the capacity of Musahar and Dom communities to secure their own income, food and nutrition at household level and thereby alleviate poverty..

Key Objectives

  • To improve socio-economic conditions of 120 families from Musahar and Dom communities through farm and non-farm-based livelihoods.
  • Facilitate community to organise and lead community-based organisations to ask for and access their rights and entitlements

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Measurable outcomes

Financial independence and security will help them live a productive life free from discrimination




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