CRLR (COVID Rural Livelihood Response)

Simdega district- Bano block - Jharkhand
The project is being implemented in the Bano block of Simdega district. This project is layering on the ongoing JIDHAN project for linking the vulnerable people with social security schemes and for promoting livelihood opportunities and strengthening people’s institutions such as Gram Sabha, PRI, etc.
The project area has a high proportion of tribal communities residing and is the poorest and least developed district. The access to social security schemes and other benefits is low in the project area. Hence the primary concern is to link individuals in the project area to livelihood opportunities as they are likely to stay put. There is a need to align with the intention of the Government of India and the state governments to reach out to the migrant and other vulnerable communities with social security programs and livelihood opportunities to reduce their stress and vulnerabilities.
The target populations are ST and SC households, Migrants returned due to COVID-19 with no work opportunities in the villages, Vulnerable families and families having no food security, etc. There are around 16,236 total households in the project area of 16-Gram panchayats. These would be supported in various ways based on their eligibility for getting benefits from various social protection schemes/ government schemes.

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