Creating Awareness and Access to Social Protection Schemes in Jharkhand

There are myriad well-designed social protection schemes yet the benefits of the schemes do not always reach the vulnerable poor and their families due to ignorance, lack of awareness, illiteracy, vested interests, and such factors.

PHIA aims to carry out active facilitation of rights and entitlements of marginalized communities. The project also focuses on building on the social capital of PHIA Foundation to ensure the effective facilitation of rights and entitlements across the Karra block of Khunti district.

It works in collaboration with the district and block level administration body. The program also focuses on inclusion of the most marginalized and vulnerable communities including those belonging to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and women from other minorities. This project aims to smoothen the information flow mechanism between the state and the community.


For the immediate response to Covid 19, all CSOs focus on the uptake of

Key Objectives

  • Strengthening community access to social protection benefits
  • Strengthening governance institutions to deliver social protection and implementation of preventative measures for COVID-19 response

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