Means Of Livelihood

Reliable income flows from sustainable and resilient livelihoods. But reality has not allowed it to happen in the country where millions of people are caught in the quicksand of poverty and penury. Those who have been fighting with this curse hail from remote and inaccessible country areas with no land of their own. The desperate battle for livelihood fetch them a meager amount to remain half starved where the children can’t afford to get proper education and health care. They keep running the risk of waterborn diseases in the absence of potable water with fear of large scale and devastation by natural calamities.
Surviving and Thriving
These circumstances have forces Phia Foundation to ensure secured and dignified livelihood for the poor and underprivileged class. The partners have already involved many secluded and vulnerable people and places to help them bail out of the deepening poverty with secured and sustainable means of livelihood. As a result, many women in Rajasthan have started growing crops in drought-prone areas while some others are working in the coastal areas are providing cold storage units for fishermen. Immense benefit comes for the nomadic people in the forests of Maharashtra and other rural areas to uplift their livelihood. Some other partners have been working with farmers in Tamil Nadu to improve their livelihood by growing crops to add the value of nutrition. At least 5,000 famers have received no less support to minimize the use of pesticides to boost crop cultivation and effective marketing thereof which struck the attention of the Times of India. The target is 30,000 people of farmers to get direct benefit from the increased income. The urgent need is to help these people find out a viable, sustainable and long-term solutions to the challenges. Similar target is those who are forced into manual scavenging to only for the sake of their livelihood. Equally, initiatives are lined up to do away with the practice of manual scavenging.