Essential Services

With poor and marginalized people in mind, especially, the children, young ones and women, Phia Foundation helps them get access to education, healthcare, water and sanitation to uplift their standard of living. Even after more than 60 years of independence, millions of people have been desperately fighting for a dignified way of living. Potable water and toilets have been refusing to reach these people. More and more worries bubble up on every passing day which need to be addressed with quality school education for more children, health care and sanitation to reduce the risk of deaths and illnesses.
Phia Foundation takes immense pride in working with the rag picking community at Bhuapur area in Delhi where these disadvantaged people are caught in a garbage-like spot without potable water, sanitation, health care or schools. Education was not an area of priority which is instrumental to alleviate abject poverty and sluggishness. Bhuapur is a glaring example where school education starts proliferating in the nook and corner of the area. The school goers received books and accompanied materials with a massive awareness training of the parents. Now potable water and health care facilities are available for the children who throng the schools for a quality education. More and more schools are coming up in the entire Bhuapur area. “Now a growing changes is visible in the area,” says a elated project coordinator Eyingbeni Ngullie.

With a smiling face a local housewife Rajkumari Devi, the mother of three children said, “I would really like to see my children get out of this slum. We are very happy to have seen the kids getting education.”

With equal zeal and zest, partners are associated with the most marginalized tribal communities in Jharkhand where literacy rates are an unbelievable 6% compared to a national average of 55% and the female literacy standing at just 2.5%. This itself recommends a long-term measure to fight poverty apart from low literacy. Now the entire scene seems to have undergone a sea change where schools are coming up with a steep increase in the attendance rates. Healthcare facilities are at the deer step and potable water is pouring in like anything. Contrary to what prevailed a couple of years back, more than 2,500 children keep attending primary and secondary schools. It would help the educated adults get job generating avenues.

Health Front
Healthcare facility is another hall mark of development of an area. Since its inception, Phia has been fighting for medical and healthcare facilities for all irrespective of rural and urban areas. Doctors and staffs in hospitals with medicines are required for ensuring a better healthcare facility in an area which keeps lingering in the backstage for decades. Industrious partners have been working like never before in this field. These partners have gone extra mile to prevent the sexually transmitted diseases.