Values And Beliefs


We believe in equality for all and in the innate dignity of every individual. We understand that this requires empathy, particularly while working with and for the poor, marginalised and vulnerable communities. Solidarity, honesty and respect are central to our functioning.


We recognise the value of advocacy in bringing about structural causes that perpetuate poverty and inequalities. In addition to emergency response for immediate human need, we believe in empowering individuals and communities to combat injustice with courage, determination and hope.


Sustainability is a core idea of our work; both in terms of what we do and how we do it. Our work is rooted in a spirit of cooperation and partnership with multiple stakeholders in order to build capacity, leadership and agency of civil society and community-based organisations (CSOs and CBOs).


We believe in promoting upward and downward accountability and transparency and strive towards enabling communities for effective participation in  governance at all levels. To engage with the state with evidence-based advocacy for effective implementation of national development goals and sustainable development goals (UN – SDGs).