Being a mother

by Manisha Majumdar


I am a mother
A patriarch to my daughter
A matriarch to my son
Parenting like a catamaran sailing-

The liberated select cocoon around me
Is too polite to ask questions

Our lives are filled with ‘Too much’ ‘Too little, ‘Too late’
In an allegedly wild way.
My professional clutches values independence
My motherly instinct drapes security.

The silent acceptance…
The cultural tipping points…
The unexplored spaces of dissent and love –
With the mind-altering possibilities, unfaltering vistas,
I see how the world leaning in on us.

The big cracks in the unfeeling power structure give me pleasure.

The impulse to live
The impulse to be free…
Can’t take the mother out of me!!!


Manisha Majumdar is a social worker and mother. All the views expressed in this blog are author’s personal views, It’s Possible does not necessarily endorse it.