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Educational Trip for the Urban Slums School Children

Educational Trip for the Urban Slums School Children

Education is not complete by just reading school books, children need to know what they are reading and should be able to relate when they happen to see things. Educational trips help children to understand well what they have learned through books.

Phia Foundation organised an educational trip for the children of Madanpur Khadar and Bhowapur schools on 14th and 21st December respectively. More than 225 children, 8 staff members and four parents from both the schools were part of the National Zoological Park visit.

The children were quite enthusiastic about the trip as they have never visited any place except the locality they are living and going to zoo was such an overwhelming activity for them.  It was quite joyful to see the children screaming on seeing the lion, white tiger, Asian and African elephants, crocodile, various species of colorful birds, fox, wolf, snakes, python etc. This was the first occasion for many children to even see an elephant in the zoo. This is the kind of environment in which these children are living their life where there is very limited exposure to the outer world. Children used this trip as a learning opportunity and kept questioning to their teachers regarding the animals they were watching.

children at zoo

The children were quite disciplined and were following the instructions given to them prior to the visit to the zoo. They even followed the daily living ettiquetes which were being taught in the school by their teachers.

After the zoo visit, all children went to Children’s park at India Gate where they were provided with lunch and later enjoyed playing in the park with badminton, football which they had brought along with them to play.

It was an exciting and enchanting visit for both the teachers and children of Madanpur Khadar and Bhowapur schools.

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