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Access to social security entitlements to unorganised workers in selected villages of Dhanbad District, Jharkand

Access to social security entitlements to unorganised workers in selected villages of Dhanbad District, Jharkand
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A vast majority of Labourers that work for unorganisedsector areknown as “Unorganised workers”. These workers in the state of Jharkhand possess vast labour intensity in spite lack in economy. Meeting basic needs - food, shelter, education, health services of a household is a challenge for the majority, BPL families, common agricultural farmers and daily wage earners. They are prone to severe exploitation under many circumstances and conditions, with lack of basic amenities, benefits and social security.

Due to the lack of information and awareness the unorganised workers are vulnerable to employment insecurity, low wages, works’ hazards, gender harassment and even insecure of their lives. They are even unable to access the government schemes and benefits entitlement to them.

In order to address the access to Social Security entitlements of the unorganised workers, a project has been undertaken by taken PACS- PHIA Foundation in collaboration with ACC-Cement works, Sindri, and LokaKalyanParishad, Dhanbad in October 2016.

The main objective of the project is to register 5,000 unorganised workers in three villages of Sindri block of Dhanbad district, Jharkhand and to enhance the awareness of the community with regards to the social security entitlements provisioned under Unorganised Workers Social Security Act.

Different activities were undertaken during this project to enable the unorganised workers to access social security entitlementsprovisioned under Unorganised Workers Social Security Act.

Highlights of the activities:

  • Meetings with community members and informing them about the online registration processes, documents required, unorganised workers schemes and benefits sharing with more than 30 SHG groups, covering 600 members.
  • Registration camps have been organised focusing on awareness generations, information about the unorganised workers schemes and motivation to enrol through online registrations for social entitlements and schemes. A total of 3013 offline forms were collected through these registration camps.
  • Approximately 100 workers were provided with unorganised workers card in the first phase that identifies registers and recognizes them as unorganised workers for ensuring social society entitlements under Unorganised Workers Social Security Act 2008. By the end of March 2017, a total of 1928 cards were distributed to the beneficiaries.
  • A two-day orientation workshop was organised in collaboration with the District Administration Dhanbad, supported by ACC Cements, Sindri and LokaKalyanParishad which was attended by 62 participants.